Who We Are

How We are Different

What makes Crisafulli Gorman, P.C. special?

A Unique Synergy that Yields Comprehensive, Customized Plans

Our founding attorneys, Tim Crisafulli and Doug Gorman, share similar backgrounds, and the similarities are uncanny. Tim and Doug grew up in central New York, where each is the youngest of five siblings. Tim and Doug each experienced the tragedy of losing a parent at an early age. Both former teachers, Tim and Doug graduated in the top ten of their class at Syracuse University College of Law, each adding a new child to their respective families while attending law school. After law school, the opportunities were vast for both Tim and Doug. Doug became an associate at Delaware’s largest corporate firm and Tim joined a large firm in upstate New York. Each soon realized, however, that he would rather run an independent firm with a like-minded partner, wishing to place clients above all else. Tim and Doug formed Crisafulli Gorman, P.C. in 2012, and the rest is history.

The synergy between our founding attorneys translates into comprehensive, highly effective plans for our clients. Tim focuses on estate planning, elder law, tax law, and closely related practice areas. Doug concentrates on all aspects of business law, from startup to exit and every stage in between. Business owners can rest assured that their business plans and estate plans will be seamlessly integrated for maximum growth, wealth preservation, and asset protection. Tim and Doug’s ultimate goal is to help you protect your family and legacy. They care a great deal for their families, and that concern is carried over into their work with their respective clients.

A Commitment to Client Education

Tim and Doug are dedicated to helping their clients make informed planning decisions. They take the time to explain the options available and make sure every client understands how his or her plan will accomplish agreed upon goals. Tim and Doug are sought-after writers and speakers on their respective areas of expertise. Tim is a former teacher and frequently hosts complimentary educational workshops for both the public and fellow professionals. Doug strives to serve as the trusted “family counselor” for his business-owning clients. He is always available to answer questions, meet with clients at their homes if they so desire, and attend board meetings. Doug’s in-depth understanding of his clients’ businesses and family dynamics is particularly valuable in succession planning.

Eminently Qualified to Preserve Wealth and Protect Assets

Tim and Doug hold some of the most highly-respected credentials in their fields. After completing his Juris Doctor degree, Tim earned a Master of Laws in Taxation from the New York University School of Law. Tim’s knowledge of federal and state tax laws allows him to minimize tax liability on behalf of the firm’s clients. Meanwhile, Doug is licensed to practice in Delaware, a credential historically bestowed upon only approximately two hundred attorneys each year.