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New York Business Law Attorney

Whether you’re starting your business or celebrating its hundredth anniversary, whether you’re on your own or backed by an army of employees, whether your annual sales are in the hundreds or the millions, whether you’re first generation or fifth, you’ve devoted your life to your business and your customers. Crisafulli Gorman, P.C. understands this, because we are business owners too.

Let’s begin by detailing the range of business services we provide. Then, we’ll explore two core elements of business planning in greater detail: formation planning and transition planning.

We offer all of the following business services:

  • Help businesses decide whether to operate as a partnership, limited liability company, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, or other entity
  • Provide formation services for all types of legal entities, including all required state and federal filings and all internal corporate documents, as well as drafting and providing counsel on shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and bylaws
  • Structure businesses to achieve maximum efficiency in management, taxation and flexibility
  • Advise clients on startup and ongoing business financing such as debt transactions and equity transactions, including private placements, unregistered offerings, and equity crowdfunding
  • Counsel businesses, including family businesses, professional entities, and not-for-profit organizations, on corporate governance, shareholder relations, fiduciary duty, and shareholder and member and disputes
  • Plan exit strategies and succession plans for companies, their owners, and executives
  • Assist businesses with reorganizations, non-bankruptcy restructurings, and recapitalizations
  • Draft and negotiate domestic and international commercial contracts for both consumer and business-to-business transactions, including:
    • Distributorship Agreements
    • Representative, Agent and Dealer Agreements
    • Lease agreements
    • Warranties
    • Licensing agreements, including Music Licensing Agreements
    • Non-competition Covenants
    • Management Agreements
    • Independent Contractor Agreements
    • Tolling and Production Agreements
    • Manufacturing Agreements
  • Counsel clients on compliance with the Uniform Commercial Code, Magnuson-Moss Act and Convention for the International Sale of Goods, and on matters involving United States Free Trade Agreements, import and export issues, and Harmonized Tariff Schedules
  • Structure and negotiate asset and stock acquisitions and mergers of all sizes and complexities, including:
    • Leveraged Buyouts and Earn-Out Provisions
    • Stock for Stock Transactions
    • Stock Issuances
    • Spinoffs and Partial Divestitures

As you can see, whatever you need in terms of business startup and operations, as well as transitioning out of your business when the time comes, we can help.

Basically, we have two goals in our business practice: to be there when you need us and to step aside when you don’t. When you need us, we’ll assist you in each and every business decision by informing you of the law and how it will impact your business. But we know the importance of not “over lawyering,” so while we’ll take every step to protect your interests, we won’t stand in the way of your growth. After all, this is your business and there’s nothing small about it.

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